Frequently Asked Questions about Offroad Vehicle Insurance - BC

Where does my insurance cover me?
The GOT TOYS insurance policy covers you anywhere you can legally ride in Canada or the continental United States

Does it cover me for liability on Forest Service Roads in BC?
Yes, as long as you have a valid drivers license which is one of the legal requirements when riding on a FSR in BC and have purchased third party liability

What liability limits can I buy?
You have an option of $ 200,000, $ 1,000,000 or $ 2,000,000 limits on third party liability while being operated by a licensed operator.

What is third party liability?
This provides your legal liability, which includes defense costs. If you injure others (including your passenger) or damage their property, they can sue you. It also extends coverage up to $25,000 for sudden and accidental pollution.

Sometimes I ride with a passenger. Am I still covered?
Yes, we have no exclusion for riding with a passenger

Sometimes I lend my machine to someone else. Am I still covered?
Yes, our Definition of Insured extending coverage to ANYONE with owner's permission, eliminating the common restriction of "immediate family residing at home"

Am I still insured if I let my 12 year old ride?
Yes, as long as they ride where legally allowed (forest service roads require a valid drivers license).  We have no age limitation in our policy but the liability limit drops to $200,000 with a $1,000 property damage deductible.

Do you have a mandatory expiry date on liability?
NO mandatory expiry date on liability. It is a year from effective date. You do not pay a years premium for less than a years insurance.

I may use my machine for incidental business use. Am I covered?
Yes if you declared this on a manual application and were rated accordingly. (see forms for manual application)

What if I am injured in an accident while operating my unit?
You can purchase Personal Accident coverage.

What is Personal Accident?
This covers basic for losses incurred by the Insured while getting on to or alighting from or operating or riding as a passenger on an off road vehicle during the policy period.
Basic: covers permanent total or partial disablement.
Enhanced: coverage includes basic plus weekly indemnity, accidental death, ambulance expenses, medical expense reimbursement and much more.

Can I buy the Personal Accident without purchasing liability?
No, it is only available with liability insurance.

Can I buy insurance on my unlicensed Trail Bike?
Yes, subject to the same terms and conditions as for other off road vehicles

Can I insure my quad, snowmobile, dune buggy and trail bike all in 1 policy?
Yes, all your off road vehicles can be insured under one policy.

I Have a Golf Cart can I put insurance on it?
Yes, however your golf cart must be used for personal use only. (you may be required to register your Golf Cart, please contact ICBC for more info)

Is coverage all with the same insurance company?
Yes, with certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London.

What if I have an aftermarket turbo charged snowmobile or have modified it to operate on nitro?
They still qualify for insurance including physical damage coverage and Replacement Cost (if applicable) if declared on a manual application. A surcharge may apply.

What physical damage coverage do you offer?
GOT TOYS in British Columbia offers All Perils, which includes collision or upset, or Comprehensive which is All Perils excluding collision or upset or Specified Perils which is fire, theft and specific perils named in the policy. All provide coverage for theft with no restrictions, and all have a $500 deductible all losses (unless otherwise stated).

What limits can you offer on physical damage?
We offer up to $ 40,000 for physical damage on quads, dune buggies or sleds, and up to a limit of $25,000 on a trail bike

Do you offer Replacement Cost with no depreciation?
Yes, we offer true Replacement Cost (not to be confused with agreed value), for 24 months from date of delivery of your quad or sled including inflation guard. You must provide a copy of the bill of sale and insure for 100% of value including attachments, modifications and taxes.

What about my trailer, is it insured?
Yes, a dedicated trailer or deck is automatically insured if Physical Damage has been purchased for the same coverage you have on your off road vehicle, up to a limit of $ 1,000. Higher limits can be purchased if needed. (see Rider Plus)

What does Rider Plus cover me for?
It covers search & rescue, increases the limit on riding gear, increases deck & trailer limit to $5,000, lock re keying and travel protection.

My current liability insurance expires on a different date than my physical damage. How do I get them to both expire at the same time with Got Toys?
We can issue a policy for a full year from the date either policy expires, and then add the other coverage to your policy on a pro rata basis when it expires. We can do the same if you have more than 1 unit insured and wish to have them all expire at the same time.

Does GOT TOYS rating offer discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for:

  • Membership in recognized Provincial Associations or their clubs
  • Approved Safety Training,
  • Immobilizer discount
  • $1,000 deductible
  • ICBC Road Crossing Ins

What if I have a claim, does it affect my coverage or premiums on renewal?
No, we do not surcharge for claims or require a higher deductible on renewal. If you qualify for GOT TOYS, you will not be penalized.

Who do I contact in the event of a claim?
To start the claims process, please contact your broker. They will fill out the claims loss report form with you.

Where can I buy GOT TOYS?
You can purchase at any of our local agents in BC who are there to serve you. To find a broker in your area please see our ‘broker directory’ on the website.  You can also purchase your insurance direct through this website.

Who should I contact if I have any concerns or am dissatisfied with the service that I've received?
Oasis is committed to providing excellent service, however if that service did not meet your needs or expectations, we want to hear from you! We will be pleased to work with you to resolve your issue.

Please send your concerns to or phone 306-446-2747 or toll free 1-866-979-2747.